Avoid Cyber Attacks – Before They Take You Down


Fact Versus Fiction While basic attack patterns—like misuse of privileges or stolen credentials—rarely make the headlines, they play a major role in most security incidents.The threat landscape is always evolving. Is your security plan changing with it? Data has changed the way you do business. Innovations in mobility, cloud, and machine-to-machine (M2M) technology have allowed you to grow faster, open new markets, and compete across the globe. But they’ve also created a host of new security concerns—changing the nature of the threats your organization faces, and how you protect against them. Today’s attacks happen faster and more often than ever. Every second, thousands of breaches are attempted—and successful ones take just minutes to move from intrusion to compromise. Unfortunately, most organizations simply can’t keep up. As a result, the gap continues to widen between attackers and those trying to protect against them—with breaches often going undiscovered for weeks, months, or even years. But Cybervaultsec Security Solutions can help you close the gap—spotting and intercepting attacks quickly, before they have a chance to impact your organization. Our experts actively investigate suspicious attack activity from across the globe, often discovering the newest threats before they can discover your data.


Gleaning new insights from intelligence In the war on cybercrime, intelligence is your greatest ally— and your attackers’ worst enemy. Unfortunately, even the most security-centric companies lack thetools or resources to analyze data on the scale necessary to keep their organization protected from all angles. Cybervaultsec is uniquely positioned to monitor attack trends and patterns across our vast network backbone. We combine this information with log data from security devices around the world to create a more proactive, ongoing defense plan. Our security experts look at data differently, transforming often-overlooked or obscure information into valuable, actionable intelligence to hunt down and protect against even the most sophisticated or little-known attacks

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